Camco (44872) 18" Extension with Coupler for Gen-turi Generator Exhaust System

Camco (44872) 18
  • 18 inches extension exhaust pipe
  • Comes with a coupler to connect two pieces of pipe together
  • Vent generator exhaust fumes above the RV's roof line
  • Easy to install and disassemble
  • Helps reduce generator noise

This is an 18 inches extension pipe for the Gen-turi generator exhaust system. It is recommended that the exhaust pipe extend a minimum of 6 inches above the roof line. While the Gen-turi system comes complete with 10 feet of pipe you may need a little extra if you have a taller RV, and this extension will allow you to reach the recommended height. It comes with a coupler as well allowing you to connect the pipes together easily. The extension is easy to install and allows the Gen-turi to vent n


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